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Canning and Cards

Our garden is exploding right now! Of course an exploding garden means time to dig out the jars, canning salt, and pressure cooker to preserve our summer goodies. Today I canned 32 (no, that's not a typo) pints of green beans...32 pints! I feel so accomplished having grown and preserved my own food. Today's canning adventure was the first time I got to use the new pressure cooker that my mom got me for Christmas. Historically I've used a water bath canner for my goodies, but the pressure cooker is a bit more consistent and allowed me some time to craft (yes!) while my jars were processing.

With our wedding quickly approaching (less than three months away), my sister has been working overtime to get things together for my wedding shower, so naturally, when I sat down to craft, my Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp that said "for your shower" caught my eye. I paired that with some stamps from the Swirly Bird collection and before I knew it, my card was finished (and my jars w…

Paper Pumpkin Palooza!

I came home from work yesterday to find three (yes, three!!!) Stampin' Up! boxes on my kitchen table. All of us stampers know that coming home to see that our order finally arrived is like Christmas at any time of the year. I think it's possible that my fiance was just as happy as I was that my order came because I've seriously been talking about it all week. If it weren't for our wedding menu tasting coming up this afternoon, I'm pretty sure I'd play all day with my new stuff and only come out of my Stampin' daze to grab a snack and pour another cup of coffee.

As I frantically dug through my boxes and spread all my goodies on the table, a little red box caught my eye. My Paper Pumpkin kit had arrived too! Now, I have to confess that this is my very first Paper Pumpkin kit experience, and I am impressed. My Paper Pumpkin box came with everything I need pre-cut and measured (yes!) to make the project featured on the front of the box. Naturally I sat down and…